Alyse Korn-Piano/Vocals/Percussion

Robert Kyle-Sax/Flute/Percussion

Alyse and Robert have been making music together for many years and their live performances always provide a soulful & engaging musical experience.

They share a love of Brazilian, Afro-Cuban and American Jazz & Popular music, as well as Classical music, and you will hear all of those influences. They are both composers, and mix in their original pieces in performance.

Together, they have performed at Ojai Underground Exchange, Beatrice Wood Center for the Arts, Libretto Paso Robles, The Grape, The Lost Chord, Canary Hotel, Bacara Resort, University Club Santa Barbara,  Beverly Hills “Affair in the Gardens,” Chevy Chase Country Club “Jazz Nights,” LA Museum of Natural History, Campus Jax, UUC of Santa Clarita, Casa Arjona, The Loft Gallery, Mt. Olive “Jazz Vespers,”  Northridge UMC “Jazz Vespers,” Martin Cohen’s “Jewish Cuba” photo exhibition opening, "Z" Space Minneanapolis, Cafe Violetto Coral Gables, Prosperity Pie Portland, Altadena “Artist’s Open Studios,”  Beverly Hills "Affair in the Garden" Art show and "The Conference Room."

Look for the March 24, 2023 release of their debut album "Tuesday's Child."

Alyse is known for her creative and melodic improvisations, sensitive accompaniments and deep rhythmic grooves. She began playing professionally at age 14 and has since worked with a diverse mix of artists. She completed a BA in Studio Music & Jazz Piano Performance from the University of Miami Frost School of Music in 1990 and an MFA in Jazz Piano Performance from California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Herb Alpert School of Music in 1992.  She has performed with many of the elite Jazz, Brazilian & Salsa bands in her former home bases of Miami and Los Angeles and continues to do so in Ojai, CA, where she currently resides. Her musical career continues to take her ALL over the world.

Robert is known for his unique warm sound, melodic style, and his ability to harmoniously cross musical borders. His lyricism and passion are evident in whatever situation he finds himself. His performance & recording credits include work with the biggest stars in the world of music. He travels internationally, playing many of the most famous clubs and festivals around the world.

Robert has ten CD’s out under his own name and has a long list of arranging & production credits.


Roots Music Report by Joe Ross 

 “The nine original compositions have laid-back intimacy that emphasize the delicate, haunting qualities of Alyse Korn’s piano and voice along with Robert Kyle’s melodious saxophones and flute.”

Hi-Res Edition by Wesley Derbeyshire 

“A captivating album that allows listeners to fall into deep contemplation… the transparency, dynamics, and depth have made the album a joy to listen to. Highly recommended for fans of jazz and contemplative music listeners, along with those who have followed earlier acoustic driven ECM recordings. Truly a peaceful and uplifting listen that is both creative and inspiring.” 

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran 

“A true mutual respect fest, with Kyle paying tribute to his new partner with tender, dare we say romantically inclined pieces like “Your Light” and “Tuesday’s Child,” which perhaps attributes their powerful soul connection to the fact that both were born on a Tuesday. The Korn compositions that stand out are the heartfelt, yearning ballad “Distance Between Us” and the haunting, deeply reflective and slyly rhythmic “Winter…” Tuesday’s Child looks and sounds like the start of a wonderful musical friendship!” 

Jazz Views (UK) by Ben Miller 

“The songs transcend their inspirations. As the old nursery rhyme says, Tuesday’s Child is full of grace, and this is such an apt title for the album… a musical island of peace and introspection. The instruments on each track softly sing to each other and sing to both the present moment and to the individual moments of each song.” 

Musical Memoirs by Dee Dee McNeil 

“Robert Kyle’s exquisite flute dances stage center and captivates. Alyse Korn shows off her piano technique… her sensitive touch and under-stated piano technique blends seamlessly with Robert Kyle’s reed mastery.  Together this husband-and-wife team, project a feeling of tranquility, love and peace of mind.  What more do you need?” 

Jersey Jazz by Joe Lang 

“There are times when you want to listen to some gentle, relaxing jazz sounds… The songs have an instant appeal. Kyle plays his saxophones and flute with a welcoming tone, while Korn caresses the keys with elegance, style and grace.  They make a finely tuned duo, two players with totally empathetic musical interactions.” 

Notes on Jazz by Michael Doherty 

“The album opens with “Gratitude,” written by Alyse Korn, a track that immediately transports us with her ethereal vocal work. There is a soothing vibe to this track as it begins, like feeling at peace with both nature and self. What If” was written by Robert Kyle, and on this track he delivers some beautiful work on flute, the instrument seeming to reach outward with both questions and answers.”